Monday, December 14, 2009

DAY THREE: Talkin bout a revolution

It’s fitting that it’s Christmas time in Copenhagen. At the Klimaforum, the theme is overwhelmingly RED/GREEN. It’s not in the décor, and it’s not influencing wardrobe choices - in fact it's in the speeches echoing in these halls.
Maybe its an indication that environmentalism will no longer be the middle class affair it has been for decades, and that the Marxists are starting to recognize environmental deterioration as an ‘externality’ that affects the working class and poor disproportionately.
At any rate it’s an alliance that has the power to form a powerful critique of the status quo, if only they can move away form saying things that are easy to say, like ‘mass transit systems for everybody!’ to making arguments that are grounded and resilient enough to still be worthwhile once their flaws are pointed out – a la Elinor Ostrom’s research on communal resource management.
(And I do wish green and red combined on a pallet to create a slightly sexier colour than brown. I’ll guess I’ll have to stick with the awkward label

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