Thursday, December 31, 2009

Almost a decade ago: Alterperspective on Sustainable Development and Tree Apology

"Brundtland seeks a cooptation of the very groups that are creating a new dance of politics, where democracry is not merely order and discipline, where earth is a magic cosmos, where life is still a mystery to be celebrated...The experts of the global state would love to coopt them, turning them into a secondary, second-rate bunch of consultants, a lower order of nurses and paramedics still assisting the expert as surgeon and physician. It is this that we seek to resist by creating an explosion of imagination that this club of experts seek to destroy with its cries of lack and excess. The world of official science and the nation state is not only destroying soils and silting up lakes, it is freezing the imagination...We have to see the Brundtland report as a form of published illiteracy and say a prayer for the energy depleted and the forests lost in publishing the report. And finally, a little prayer, an apology to the tree that supplied the paper for this document. Thank you, tree."
Sith Vasvanathan, 1991, Mrs. Brundtland;s Disenchanted Cosmos, Alternatives 16 (3), p384

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